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Healing Spiritual Yoga Holiday in Havana and Viñales, Cuba

Healing Spiritual Yoga Holiday in Havana and Viñales
Healing Spiritual Yoga Holiday in Havana and Viñales, Cuba

Join me and come to this Healing Spiritual Yoga Holiday in Havana and Viñales.

to heal in Cuba with four elements that will renew you such as dance, music, yoga, and Cuban culture. During each tour of five days or more, you will participate in a concert of traditional Cuban music and in a session of Afro-Cuban music (sound).

The sound is of great importance for spiritual and mental health. Learning to surround your life with healing sounds such as Cuban music is one of the skills that this tour will offer you.

Dance is the expression of the soul in movements, dancing gives you joy as well as keeping you active and physically fit. Our Afro-Cuban dance workshops will teach you the dance movements of the Orishas (deities of the Afro-Cuban religion). Each Orisha and therefore their dances represent an element of life: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. Yoga will play an important role in bringing to your healing the spiritual aspect that will indulge you in self-observation through meditation.

The Cuban Culture will heal you with historical-cultural tours through the main sites of the country. A workshop and a consultation with a priest of the Afro-Cuban Culture will give your life a different nuance, you will be able to know about your ancestors and about this ancient Afro-Cuban tradition. The Cubans believe that venerate and respecting your ancestors keeps your faith alive and shows you the path to follow in difficult situations in your life.

In addition to the therapies, activities, and healing meetings, you will also have excursions in the Viñales Valley, a day trip to the beach, visits, and tours through Havana Vieja as well as an old hardtop tour through modern Havana.

To immerse yourself in the purest Cuba, you will visit the valley of Viñales where the farmer full of patience and pride grows and harvests the best Cuban tobacco in the country, where the farmer will teach you that Cuban tobacco is the result of a long process where nothing is left to chance.

You will feel that you're part of the Yalorde Yoga Cuban family in their Casas Particulares (private houses) in Havana and Viñales, where you will stay during the trip. The typical Cuban family atmosphere offered by these lodgings will allow you to delve deeper into the Cuban culture and be a local during these five days.

As a Cuban, Yalorde Yoga feels very proud to accompany you in this experience to "The Most Beautiful Island of the Caribbean Sea", Yalorde Yoga invites you to discover Cuba in an active and healing way through this healing spiritual tour.

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