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Ludisis Mones Cuban Yoga Teacher

Since Ludisis Mones was little she grew up surrounded by Cuban artists, musicians, dancers and teachers which developed in her a deep love for art and education. This is how her mother induced her in the world of dance as an extracurricular activity but very soon at the age of 9 it would become the beginning of a career that would mark her life forever.

After many years of training, she became a teacher of Latin-African and Spanish folk dances, finding a strong attraction for the ancestry that these dances treasure.

As a dance teacher, she was looking for in each class the opportunity to advise or help her students with their well-being and spiritual tranquility. But it was very difficult to include this in her dance classes.

One day walking through the streets of the Center of Santiago de Chile, she found a statue of the head of a very peculiar being. She did not know who he was, who he represented. So she started to find the answers. In this way she met Budha, she started reading books about Meditation and Yoga.

Buddha became her best friend, a meditation partner. That’s how her love for Yoga began. In the asanas she quickly found her dances, in meditation, she found her spirituality and in pranayama her awakening.

Determined to provide her perception and wisdom to other people, she took her Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Bali, the island of the gods.

When she gives a Yoga class she does not feel like a teacher, at that moment she is a faithful witness of the awakening of the consciousness of her students.