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Thai Massage Instructor

Thai Massage Instructor – Schauer Thai Massage School

It was on his first trip to Thailand in 1995 when Guenther took his first Thai Massage Course. Right away his passion grew.

After giving massages in Japan, and Thailand. He studied at WatPho, Bangkok: General Thai massage, Advanced Thai Medical massage therapy, Massage for Women’s Health care and Aroma Therapy, 150 hours. His teacher training took place at ITM Chiang Mai for nearly 400 hours. In addition other schools adding 40 more hours.

Guenther moved to Chile in 2013. He has treated patients at a 5 star Spa Hotel. In order to do the Thai Massage Instructor Training Course in Thailand, he had to sell his apartment in Santiago de Chile. No more wasting time and off he went.

Schauer Thai massage school was born in 2015 (Chile). Since then he is teaching Traditional Thai massage to aspirants, therapists and wellness enthusiasts.

He currently teaches in Vienna, Austria.  Now, he would like to share the benefits and gifts that thai massage has to offer, with all of you.

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